Top tips for remote workshops

Remote Workshop

In view of the COVID-19 shutdown, all companies have to adapt quickly and flexibly to new ways of working. At B2B International, too, we are looking for the best opportunities to maintain our customer relationships and our projects under the current circumstances and to make them successful.

Example workshop. Many of you probably have associations such as a flip chartwhiteboardfacilitator’s casecircle of chairsgroup work when you think of workshop. It’s hard to imagine workshops differently. Suddenly we learn that there is another way.

Why workshops?

We have many occasions, both before and after a research project. The development of a value proposition, ideation, customer journey mapping and the development of practicable implementation plans are some examples. Whenever the aim is to consolidate existing knowledge, to bring various teams together, to prioritize the next steps or simply to kick off action to get the ball rolling.

How do you design a remote workshop?

  • In short, we should postpone workshops that require a whole day at a time. But it is often possible to divide the agenda into several sessions of 1½ to 2 hours. The individual sessions should be organized on different days.
  • Group work – We know how to divide into small groups during the workshop in order to deepen various topics. There are video conferencing solutions that contain this feature. If not, several team leaders can be appointed, each starting a new conference call with their team. At the agreed time, everyone will dial back into the main meeting.
  • Collaboration on documents – whiteboards and post-it exercises are the beacons of group work. There are suitable solutions for virtual workshops – but an MS Office or Google shared document also works.
  • Homework – while in face-to-face groups a quiet phase in which each participant pursues an individual task can be perceived as very pleasant, such tasks should be placed in workshops before or in between. Everyone can then present their work in the virtual session, try paraphrasing tool.

Go then! … I’ve thought several times lately. Life is teaching us once again that one should never rely on the fact that things will always go on as before and that there is (almost) always a solution. Workshops are only a small part of the big gears – but this example clearly shows that streamlininggoodwill and the Internet will bring us through this difficult time.

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