Digital marketing for HMV

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

1- Digital marketing. 3

      Traditional marketing. 3

      Importance of Digital marketing. 4

2- Tactics of search engine marketing. 5

     Principals of digital marketing. 5

     Inbound and outbound. 5

     Types of media. 5

     The buyer’s journey. 6

     Marketing functions. 7

     Traditional vs. digital marketing. 9

     360 marketing campaign. 9

     3i principles. 10

     Pay-per click (PPC) 11

     Search engine optimization. 11

     Developing SMART objectives. 12

     Audience research. 14

     Industry trend research. 15

      PROPEL model 15

3- Email marketing and social media marketing. 17

4- Website optimization techniques. 19

5- Analytical tools for digital marketing strategy. 20

6- Key tasks and activities for HMV.. 23

     Conclusion. 24

     References. 24


HMV is an entrainment Company in the United Kingdom. Basically a private limited company. HMV introduced by a Gramophone Company in 1921 as a branded Company. Its name also is known for TV and radio. His master’s voice is the real abbreviation of HMV. In 1966 HMV also expanded its business in London. HMV became larger twice in size and also take the title of leading retailing company in music. Many of its competitors exist in the market. By merging with several stores and acquiring small businesses HMV achieve 124 store’s ownership in 2014. Additionally, it became the 2nd biggest retailing music company of UK. Furthermore, HMV is operating in traditional marketing techniques but now decided to move into digital marketing as well. Digital marketing is way better than traditional marketing and makes the business grow rapidly with its mobilized ways and techniques.

1-      Digital marketing

Technology has made a lot of changes and improvements in itself in the 21st century. By this advance technology companies also have established and made themselves changed accordingly. This change not only provides profit but increase the sustainability and demand of customers. Companies have started utilizing technology in business to business transactions (Chaffey, 2002). The main and basic objective of digital marketing is to provide the rapid and easy way of shopping. The best part of the digital market is that it modify or change things according to customer’s expectation and not try to change customer’s mindset which is quite difficult relatively. It also covers the two-side communication direct among customer and marketer.

Traditional marketing

Companies sold out all their stock due to limited production of goods. Stability and welfare arrive in economies when in western countries television came into the vision. The arrival of TV has changed the trend of marketing. It was the age when power had gone to customers from the marketer and then supplier made efforts for attracting customers (Karahassan, 2013). Those businesses that have appropriate and exact knowledge about traditional marketing strive more care about its customers than any other perspectives (Chaffey, 2011). The primary purpose of traditional marketing is to facilitate consumer by time, possession and place and value creation of the product in the minds of customers.

Importance of Digital marketing

In the modern era, information technology and expansion in internet facilities increase the online shopping trend. Therefore, many of the companies switch themselves into digital marketing without any avoidance. This is the reason for the change in communicating people as well as the trend of marketing for companies (Durmaz, 2016). By continuous improvement and growth in information technology, digital marketing is pushing away traditional marketing. There are several companies that are utilizing technologies very smoothly connecting or interacting with their customers. It will be very useful for HMV if do appropriate investments in digital marketing. This will also attract more of customers than it attracts with traditional marketing. The tools for attracting customers are many in digital marketing (Durmaz, 2016). Digital marketing is more multi-tasking than traditional marketing. Through digital marketing, the seller can engage with customers in many ways for example via Twitter, via Instagram, via Facebook, and via email as well. Companies that utilize digital marketing can be able to find out customer’s need and demands more accurately than in traditional marketing because old marketing method has a line of differentiation between seller and buyer. Addition to this another benefit of digital marketing is that the marketer finds the accurate target audience for business through social media as well as search engines marketing. Following are the points that differ both old and new marketing with each other.

As per HMV, it is better to switch on digital marketing because through digital marketing it can provide products more quickly, attain more customers, develop a two-sided connection, provide easiness to customers, attract customers and continuously engage with them and most importantly achieve success over its competitor. Digital marketing and traditional marketing both are different from each other in style, processing, communicating, attracting and engaging customers. HMV should change its processing to digital marketing as its target audience is generally teenagers or newly made adults that includes above than 25 years old (30 to 40). Old age people and senior citizens mostly spent their time on watching TV, instead of them teenagers mostly spent their time on exploring on their smartphones. In digital marketing, suppliers can deliver their messages about products and its variations in various ways like Facebook, Twitter etc. Digital marketing gave the consumer the power and make the marketing new rules and guidelines. HMV will gain more customers and demands by investing in digital marketing. 

2-      Tactics of search engine marketing

It is very clearly known by all over the world that Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most popular and accessible search engines. Generally, search engines are the key part of digital marketing and used just to stand at the top positions when an individual to search for one’s business. The basic logic behind search engines is website’s accurate management. For the purpose of getting higher searching visibility a precise analysis of keywords and organized websites are needed (Acikel, 2012). Following are the steps for developing effective digital marketing that maximizes profit and maintains customers.

Principals of digital marketing

Digital marketing is the new techniques for businesses to explore more briefly and quickly. Digital marketing based on new technologies such as mass communication that includes internet. By utilizing digital formation and internet the digital marketing can develop. Digital parameters are computers, mobiles, and digital billboards. Through social media companies can track their target customers on digital facilities. This will include E-books, E-zines, blogs, podcasts, and Flickr etc. Digital marketing has some concepts on which all the tactics based.

Inbound and outbound

Inbound is also known as pull strategy. According to this strategy, it will attract new customers that also has some potential of buying through using of contents and internet. This strategy will let the HMV know to all target customers through search engines, blogs etc.

On the other hand, outbound that is also known as push strategy. According to this strategy marketing of a product is done repeatedly to its customers. This is almost similar to traditional marketing. Inbound strategy considered more digital-based to outbound. HMV should invest more in making pull strategy.

Types of media

Both digital and traditional marketing used media for advertising or attracting customers. However, there is the difference between both media types. As per HMV wants to develop digital marketing as well, therefore, it has to focus on those media types that help in attracting more customers without any interruption. This includes owned media, paid media and earned media.

Owned media encompasses content of company, products for sale, and individuals that should available for interaction with customers. All these things related to the internet like social sites, blogs, and apps. HMV should develop its control and grip over search engines and social media for building customer relationship and engaging with them. The personality of brands of HMV will also develop through this. 

Paid media is also the type of media that collect media for which company is paying. The objective of paid media is to develop cluster near target customers regarding product and retain their attention and interest. This will also use for boosting up the owned media. This has many types like pay-per-click (PPC), banners, ads etc.

This is the last type of media that includes in digital marketing. People spread your products randomly all around along with same content or created content on their own. This will happen when the company keeps customer satisfied and happy.

The buyer’s journey

Buyer always passes a process of getting awareness, analyze and then decision about purchasing a product. Buyer’s journey also has some further steps.

HMV should have provided full awareness about its products to target customers through appropriate marketing. The customer always buys the product for solving their problem. For example, regarding entertainment customers of HMV might feel the need to buy its product if they will consider HMV’s product as good quality, reliable and effective. The customer also takes interest in alternatives but if the HMV make its products or services attractive and effective then the audience will surely declare HMV as a good choice. Create a world of knowledge regarding product while customer starting considering in depth. This can be done through interaction with people and solve their problems. In the end, after all, completing inquiries about product customer convert his/her mind and decide to buy. It’s not about just selling a product HMV should have an aim for retaining customers through building a customer relationship with satisfaction and good quality services.

Marketing functions

Marketing functions involved several individuals that provide identification to the product as well as the additional potential to it for separating similar products in the market. Marketing functions carry a variety of different tasks.


This function involves working for the marketing and product activation. HMV can be able to identify market opportunities and make securities against threats through planning. It is all related to proper planning, an organization of strategy and thinking that result in putting right product at the right place with the reliable positioning of prices. This will lead the HMV towards growth and development. Furthermore, there are some other steps involved in this function that HMV should keep in mind. They are business research, objectives, and goals, planning for communication and budgeting.


Developing awareness in customer’s mind is the basic function of marketing. HMV by creating awareness in its target audience can achieve success. Marketing of a new product and let the audience aware of it is the key part. Awareness within entertainment industry by bringing up the HMV and its brands to potential buyers is important. HMV can create awareness into target audience about its products by having relevancy and involvement. This function usually tailored to planning function.


HMV also needed to develop conversion of leads to real customers. This function is basically opposite to awareness. Through this function, HMV could target a small part of the audience who has taken interest in buying. In this function, HMV has to use CRM for collecting information and insights that acknowledged HMV about the leads and help in the processing of conversion. By using conversion HRM have to include the value in existing offers and keeping the product in customer’s mind at the top with repetition. The basic focus of this function is on media opportunities, setting quantitative objectives, developing offers, content adjustments, and social advertising (Ryan, 2017).


This marketing function helps the company to retain the customer by providing satisfaction, loyalty, and delightfulness about the product. HMV’s basic aim is not to just sell its products but retaining customers. Therefore, HMV has to continuously influence customers even after selling. If the customers once been satisfied with product and service they will make the decision to re-buy HMV brand, additionally, they share it with friends and peers. It will create earned media help for HMV.


The last function of marketing is analysis and optimization. This will provide HMV to take a view of its past tactics and implementations. After analysis, HMV could be able to make the cost more effective. Digital marketing has a benefit that the HMV can go through testing, uploading, measuring and changing the process. Standard times for analyzing marketing functions are three within processing.

Traditional vs. digital marketing

Traditional marketing Digital marketing
Mass Passive audience One-to-many Push strategy Individual Active audience One-to-one Pull strategy

360 marketing campaign

Above is the difference between digital and traditional marketing. However, points of differentiation can be used and create an overall integrated strategic marketing. There are some advantages and disadvantages of both marketing and these are used to broadening up the marketing objective. Utilizing entire circle of marketing strategies is known as 360 marketing campaign. It has the division like following.

Benefits of 360 marketing campaign

Because of this integrated campaign is made up of both the strategies, therefore, it has many wide advantages.

  • Cover up full marketing circle
  • Utilize each and every contacting point
  • Implementation of both marketing
  • Scale and relevance optimization
  • Measure results effectively.

3i principles

Digital marketing provides 3 basic principles that need attention before planning digital marketing strategies. These principles will able HMV to view the organization and management while adopting the strategy. These principles are initiated, iterate and integrate.


This principle will help to know the company about its target audience’s needs and wants. HMV can utilize this principle and can view its target audience demands and expectations. As HMV’s target audience is the teenagers and modern generation, therefore, it should provide them their demands by selling entertainment-related products. The target audience of HMV demanded the high quality and reliable prices with the effective interactive part. Giving loyalty and quality products will create value in HMV’s brands. Providing face to the customer’s expectations will achieve the objective of HMV that are attracting new customers and leading role among competitors.


It is not just about planning but implementing is also the main part. Iteration of strategies that a company planned for marketing is included in this step. At this point, HMV can implement its pull strategy among markets and also can change or interrupt it according to acceptation and rejection.


The last principle is about integration that appears after approval of company’s strategy. Once the strategy of the company gets success then integrate its products all over the distribution channels and make sure that those channels are working and changing as well according to company’s policies.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Online marketing strategies and tactics are continuously transformed with time and need. Therefore, HMV can develop an effective PPC that will enhance customer’s attraction, retention, and loyalty. These steps are following.

  • Give discounts offers
  • Make prices reliable
  • Add value by providing something free
  • Trademark usage
  • Ads optimization for mobiles
  • Survey on websites of competitors
  • Gradually transformed ads
  • Purchase intent use of keywords

Search engine optimization

Search engine plays an important and efficient role in the development of digital marketing for a company. It should be necessary for HMV to develop an effective SEO for attracting new customers and improvement in website visibility. For this purpose, it has to take attention on the following design while making search engine optimization (Ryan, 2017).

  • Improvement in engaging and rankings
  • The long length of current page
  • Give stress on YouTube SEO
  • Improvement in speed of the site
  • Choose topics instead of keywords
  • Build links
  • Reporting
  • Technical optimization
  • SEO listings
  • Use of images in contents

Developing SMART objectives

This model more specifically used for getting results from implementing strategies. This is divided into five different groups and each group has its own specific measures.


According to this step, HMV’s objective and goals should be crystal clear, well defined and easy to understand that anyone who viewed the objective of HMV, understand them.


It means that the goal or objective should be quantitatively determinable. It involves the company’s KPI and also CPC, media tracking cost etc. Measurements that HMV have to made to analyzing digital strategy are involved metrics, milestones, results, and budgets.


It is not useful to make such high objectives at the start that face difficulties to achieve them. HMV’s basic objective is to maximize customers and to lead among competitors that is clear and achievable. For this objective, HMV should use appropriate skills and resources.


Relevancy is also very necessary to have in marketing objective and business objectives. The goal of the company should be relevant and tie with marketing objective very impressively. HMV should have to view about its marketing objective and considered only in case if it is relevant to a business objective (Yadav et al., 2014).


A work that achieves on time looks effective and efficient, therefore, HMV should have set a time goal also like HMV’s estimation about 2020 is to achieve higher customers portion and will become the market leader.

Audience research

Audience research is important before starting any type of marketing campaign. This research is basically all about the size, characteristics and composition of the group include in the target market. HMV’s audience research will be related to the group that already are or perhaps will be the potential buyers of HMV’s products. Identify customer insight is the basic purpose of audience research. HMV has to know about its customer’s thinking and wants like a close friend only then it can fulfill their satisfaction. In Pull strategy, this research is must and also known as customer’s persona.

The data type in audience research

Industry trend research

Industry trend research is utilized while placing a brand or leader in the market. Trends that related to consumer attitude, employment, and technology advancement, development of new product, competitors, law and guidelines of government are involved in this research. These all can have an impact on the entertainment industry. Therefore, HMV should research the trends that are like the way that influence the market with company’s name and create a competitive strategy. Porter’s based five forces are a customer, supplier, potential and substitute. This will include intense competition, the threat of substitute, bargaining power of buyer, bargaining power of supplier and barriers to new entrants.

PROPEL model

The last step is the PROPEL model that will help the HMV reviewing all the steps and tactics that HMV plan for creating an effective digital marketing strategy.


In this first step of Propel model, it will analyze the current position of HMV. Once the HMV analyze planning process about budgeting and employees then it can be determined the reason for putting pull strategy. After that, it can add the value proposition to the product. This step also helps HMV in mapping up the costs and resources.


In the 2nd step of this model, HMV can narrow its target audience and divide them into more small groups. The specification is the basic objective of this step. Through identified audience, the HMV can position its products in right place, find the right place to advertise, develop contents of marketing and select right keywords and words that present to the target audience.


This is the 3rd stage of Propel model into which the objectives can be set to identify true resources, product positioning and target audience.


In this stage, the HMV will move towards the tactical part of contents, media, time and concepts etc. At this stage, HMV will put the strategy into an action plan. This stage also involved the developing best internal communication so that all the employees of HMV will aware of the newly launched products.


After setting all the strategies and goals, now in this phase time to implement those strategies. Every stakeholder of HMV will project, implement and distribute the developed content that makes in the preparation stage of this model.


In this stage, it will able the HMV to learn about the failure or success of the implemented strategy. The objective of this stage is to develop contents continuously, make improvements in performance and identify customer insights.

Email marketing and social media marketing

Email marketing is the most useful tool for digital marketing however it is the oldest way among all other digital marketing tools. There are some reasons behind its success and foremost reason is that a personalized message is sent to the customer’s mailbox and he/she can review that message any time. The second reason behind its usefulness is that a personal storage of emails exists. Email marketing is undoubtedly an effective tool if utilize accurately. Communicate the accurate message to the customer is the basic part of Email marketing. Several steps are there in Email marketing that could be better and mistake that can be avoided (Taylor, 2015). Emails are taken top-rated place in business to business (B2B) marketing. According to a survey about Email marketing conducted and it results show that about 86% people say that Email marketing is a necessity to channel for business to business (B2B) marketing. However, another survey shows that social media and content marketing are effective channels for digital marketing.

It was stated by (Holiday, 2017) that the Email marketing is known as an important tool, however, it needs a targeted group of individuals. Generally, audience filtration is a method to develop subscription model and make a list of people.

With modern age and improvement in information regarding Email marketing, HMV can send a message through an automation tool to different audiences at the same time, even having a personalized message for everyone. HMV can collect and select data online and make the Email marketing more effective and useful. The basic thing that the HMV should focus is to send a well-defined, personalized and correctly used contents in order to get a higher response.

HMV while sending Emails to the target audience some steps or techniques that it should consider. In short, a high rate of response and improvement in revenue as well. 1st step is to write line subject that will influence that target audience as the first impression, therefore, it should be an effective and precise phrase or line that force customer to open and view the full mail. 2nd step is to take great care regarding address that HMV’s marketer is about to leave. For example, some Emails are thought to come from frauds or scam. 3rd and most particularly the customer always wants that any personalized message should self-made like specially written for him/herself. Therefore, lead’s name should be there in the mail. 4th step is that there must be several methods through which contents of value and quality can be sent, for example, newsletter, articles, events and a personal message (Merret, 2012).

After implementing all above techniques HMV should also consider the quality in particular and not the quantity. Feedback from the leads should be noticed. At the last, after strategic implementations the analyze ways to provide possible value to perspectives (Merret, 2012). Emails can be a great tool for attracting new customers and retain them with appropriate engagement.

LinkedIn marketing

It is the most effective tool for social media marketing. Tailor-made advertising is done on it that is little opposite then Facebook. HMV can provide its potential buyer’s information reading company and its employees. It is a better way to find a way for business for building a new customer relationship. However, LinkedIn is not as wide as Facebook but still provides help to businesses. HMV can post relevant articles, blogs, and contents for bringing up lead awareness.

Twitter marketing

HMV can also utilize Twitter for marketing by tweeting on it short and summarized thoughts for sharing and attracting new customers. Relations will build through following people sharing. HMV can use twitter marketing for increasing sales, awareness and customers. Following are the key steps for better arrangement of utilization.

  • Appropriate twitter profile
  • Backlines to HMV website
  • Attention seeking headlines
  • Visualization
  • Automation tool
  • Activeness for answering
  • Target audience
  • Engaging with people

Facebook marketing

As Facebook made new changes with the change in trend, therefore, HMV can attract new customers and engage them with Facebook profile. This marketing tool collects customer’s interests and behavior (Yadav et al., 2014). Through following six Facebook marketing tools HMV can build a new relationship with customers and retain the existing ones.

  • Facebook profile along with the mission
  • Groups that attract target audience with community
  • Fan page of business along with accurate content
  • A Facebook campaign that easily targets audience
  • Facebook tailor-made messages

Website optimization techniques

Speed of page

Through Google Page Speed insights HMV can improve its website performance. This tool analyzes some important components for testing like JavaScript, CSS, and participation of image.

Locity on page

Page Locity will help HMV in evaluating the performance of the website and viewed social metrics that effect HMV’s website visibility. 

Varvy page speed optimization

It contains reports regarding bringing up the website performance techniques and rankings of SEO.


It is a checklist of both performance and speed and will provide grades from A to F in its analysis. 

Through taking all above steps under consideration HMV can improve its website performance and can facilitate its customers in a more effective way.

Analytical tools for digital marketing strategy

There are many different tools for digital marketing and utilized by marketers. HMV should use digital marketing tool for analytical measurements of strategies. This will include following steps

  • Analyze
  • Create
  • Publish
  • Research all things digital

Digital research tools

There are three main research tools that HMV can use.

  1. Google trends
  2. Social Mention
  3. Spy Fu

Google trends

Two main steps that involve it. The first step is to enter in browser The second step is to enter a product, HMV or topic.

Social Mention

This tool also has the same method as google trends. First, enter in browser Secondly enter a product, HMV or topic name.


By clicking, the website of HMV insights can be viewed.

Key tasks and activities for HMV

As knowing that HMV is the leading retail entertainment company in the United Kingdom and wants now to move into digital marketing with existing traditional marketing. The basic objective behind this is to attract more customers, engage them and retain them. For that purpose, some processes and strategies are mentioned above that HMV should adopt for developing effective digital marketing. Foundation of digital marketing and entire steps for developing digital marketing involved. Traditional marketing and digital marketing both are different from each other.

Digital marketing is growing day by day, therefore, HMV decided to move into it. In digital marketing, HMV will use pull strategy because it is more widely used for digital marketing. HMV should have identified types of media including owned, paid and earned media and utilizing it for advertising. HMV will have identified buyer’s journey for purchasing and it will take steps for achieving a higher rate of customers. Before implementation, HMV will evaluate marketing functions according to which it will start working. As it can be seen that both marketing digital and traditional have some deficiencies as well, therefore, HMV will also determine the 360 marketing campaign that will make through the integration of both marketing and cover the entire marketing cycle (Berger, 2014).

This will lead HMV towards 3i principles of marketing including imitation, iteration, and integration. Furthermore, HMV will develop a processing model named SMART that will provide guidelines for growth and make an effective strategy. Then after audience research and industry trend research, another model will make named PROPEL. This model will help HMV to organize things and take a view from the start about strategy implementation. HMV will use three basic measurement tools that include google trend, social mention, and SpyFu. After all these process and techniques HMV will ready to kick itself into digital marketing. In order to implement these marketing steps, HMV will attract more customers, engage them and also retain the existing customers.


HMV is the leading entrainment Company in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it is also known as the 2nd biggest retailing music company of UK. As HMV is operating traditional marketing but for getting higher customer’s range and a higher place among customers it also needed to move into digital marketing. Additionally, the decision making about purchasing has become easier with the help of modern technology, therefore, digital marketing rapidly increasing in the world as a best and first choice for customers. In short, data is being used accurately in digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing.


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