5 picture trends you should know about

Picture trends

Trends have a huge impact on what we wear, what we say, what we buy and pretty much everything we see. Because while there are many trends that we all know about and that we may avoid (yes, you mean man bun !), Trends also exist in the images we see. When running a business, it’s important to be aware of them to make sure you’re targeting the right clientele. I sat down for a cold brew (currently SO in) with MOO’s graphic designer Hannah Myatt and photographer Georgie Lord recently and asked them about trends you should know about.


Randomly paired objects that form funny and interesting sculptures, often as a central motif, or to frame or highlight other products within a picture. They are often everyday objects such as kitchen sponges, plastic buckets and laundry baskets – anything that forms a base or frame for the product/object.

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Objects in a shot that appear to be floating or reflecting in impossible ways, often by editing with Photoshop. Often times, mirrors and paint are used to fool the eye. This is especially common in commercials as it is an effective way to get our attention – we’ve all walked past pictures like this and looked twice, right?


This trend is also very popular. A mixture of organic and synthetic textures is used instead of a uniform paper background. Familiar structured backgrounds place the picture immediately in the viewer’s everyday life. Concrete and marble are very popular, but all sorts of other things are used too, such as sand and latex.


If you love order, this is the trend for you! Products are arranged in a grid, either on top of one another or on a grid in the background. This is done because it allows products to be presented in the clearest possible way, especially when other props are added to create an interesting layout. The props also allow the viewer to get an idea of ​​the size of the product because they offer him a comparison.

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5. PASTELS & PATTERNS in the style of the 90s

We’re all familiar with the ‘everything comes back’ thesis, right? Well, now it’s the turn of the 90s, and by that, I don’t just mean Britpop. Photo sets are often funny and nostalgic, which can complement otherwise simple objects. There is also a trend for pastel shades combined with thick black serpentine lines and dots.

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