4 New Year Resolutions For Your Business

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The end of the year is the time to make plans. How about setting some goals for the coming year? For a successful start, we would like to suggest 4 great resolutions – and give you tips on how you can keep them.

1. Put customer satisfaction first

Did you make sure that your customers were doing well this year?

Research shows that 66% of consumers turn to other brands because of you

were not convinced by the service experience of previous providers. So it’s worth asking this question.

But how do you know which demands you should strive for, given changing customer expectations? Of course, courtesy comes first – you would never be rude, ignore requests, or fail to fix a bug. But best practices and technologies evolve over time, and so do the ways in which you achieve customer satisfaction. Fortunately, figuring out what customers want isn’t that difficult: you just have to listen to them.

How you can keep this resolution

Here are some tips for evaluating your customers’ experience:

  • Gather all of your online reviews and complaints / emails to identify trends and repetitive topics. Here’s how to find the points to tackle first in the New Year.
  • Look at your existing customer base and determine what percentage of your customers are returning or new. A lack of repeat customers could indicate a poor customer experience. Work on doing repeat business and connect with your first-time customers to see if they’re happy.
  • Conduct a short, anonymous survey of the customers of your database and ask for an assessment of the most common criteria: delivery times, website experience, interactions with employees, etc. You can use this as a basis to evaluate the improvements made later.
  • Keep an eye on social networks, for example, check your mentions on Twitter during the working day or monitor social media channels automatically using social listening.

2. A contemporary social media strategy

Few things move faster than social media. Therefore, you should regularly revise your strategy in this area to make sure that you are always focused on the topics that will benefit your business most.

If you can count on a dedicated social media team or expert, they should be able to point out any obvious improvements that require additional budget or different ways of working. But even if you have a less specialized social media approach, you don’t need to worry – making improvements is probably a lot easier than you think.

How you can keep this resolution

  • Check that you are using the correct channels. Even if the “big” names in the industry – like Facebook and Instagram – are not going to be replaced anytime soon, it is still worth taking a look at emerging technologies and networks, especially if your customer base is not older than 25 years. Do not hesitate to use new platforms or get rid of older ones.
  • Pay attention to the optimal frequency of updates. Posting too often or too infrequently could be wasting resources. It’s also worth taking a closer look at your mix of promotional updates and exciting content. You may want to show more informative content and less advertising, or vice versa.
  • Check that your policies and procedures are up to date. As with the general customer experience, your social network interactions need to be aligned with the expectations of your target audience, whether it be in terms of how responsive your answers are or handling difficult questions.

3. A brand image that does justice to the company

Branding isn’t just about the color of your letterhead: an effective branding strategy is the backbone of your business identity. The beginning of a new year is the best time to review your current branding: is it still working, does it express your company’s values, personality and strengths?

How you can keep this resolution

Check your brand identity and make sure it is successful in all key areas.

  • Check out the competition: Compare your branding to similar companies and make sure you stand out from the crowd and are always up to date with the latest design specifications.
  • Assess your tone of voice with a quick sample check of your website, email, and social media. Select a few pages, tweets or newsletters at random to receive a representative selection.
  • Review your brand’s values and make sure your employees feel, speak, and act accordingly. If there are discrepancies, either your brand or your company culture may need to be adjusted.

4. Offer a great employee experience

Most companies understand the value of a great customer experience. Recently, employee experience has received a similar level of recognition. Use the New Year as an opportunity to ensure  that you are taking best care of these extremely important human resources.

The employee experience begins during the interview (or even while reading the job advertisement) and continues until the employee leaves the company. Therefore, this resolution affects your entire company.

How you can keep this resolution

  • Make a great first impression by helping new employees get started. A warm welcome goes a long way in bringing new workers up to speed and incorporating them into the new environment.
  • Create communication channels so that your employees can express themselves honestly and openly. For example, an online survey is a popular option. Traditional methods such as a feedback box in the common room are also possible.
  • Check your benefits package. Do your employees benefit from the current standard conditions?
  • Another important factor is the work-life balance: Do you offer the option of working flexibly or even remotely? Can employees organize their schedule according to childcare and other obligations?

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